When we started looking for schools for our first child, there were a few things we knew we wanted to find in the school we would eventually enrol our child into. We wanted a curriculum that respects and supports individual development, a school that believes in making learning fun and has a positive environment that nurtures respect and inclusivity among the children.

Having enrolled two of our children into Little Woods Montessori, we have to say that the school have far exceeded our expectations.

Being authentically Montessori, we have witnessed how our children who have different interests and strengths learn differently and independently. Through the updates and feedback we get from the teachers, we know that the teachers have truly invested in engaging our children and connecting with them. It has most certainly not been a cookie cutter experience, and with two very different children, we can most certainly say that both of them have been supported differently based on their learning and emotional needs. We also like the fact that the children in the class are not pitted against each other and that there is no comparison, allowing our children to build positive and respectful relationships with their peers.

Positive communication and attitude towards learning have definitely been modelled for our children as we often hear our older child tell us ‘It is okay I can try again.’ as well as ‘I want to try.’ School has most certainly been fun for our children too as they have often asked us to recreate a work they have done at school. To further attest to that, our 3.5 year old would often come home talking our ears off about what she did at school such as the details of her recent school concert rehearsals, which was also played out in her pretend play sequences! When asked about school, our 2 year old would rattle off all his teachers names and respond with ‘like school’.

A big thank you to all the teachers and staff at Little Wood Montessori for making school a fun and enriching experience for our children!

Ada Tok & Rodney Bay

Parents of Annalisa & Ewan Bay

“Emilia has been attending Little Woods since May 2018. We did extensive research of the schools around our area and many visits to check out the facilities. We liked that Little Woods has its own enclosed house on a small back road. It felt safe and looked fun for Emilia. Our experience has been amazing. As first-time parents, you put a lot of thought into where you send your kids to school. We were initially a little concerned whether Emilia was ready for school, however that quickly changed as we saw how happy she is there. The teachers treat her very well and now she hugs them, not wanting to leave when we take her home. Each week, we discover new things she has learnt, be it words, songs or even Chinese!

One of the things we really love is the great communication from the teachers who offer us daily updates so we are able to know how she is progressing. The school follows the Montessori system of education which suits Emilia. We love this as we believe that, at this age, she should be immersed in an environment that has many different and interesting things to do. There’s also an excursion every term, which parents can join. One example is our trip to the butterfly park; it was a great experience to share with Emilia while at the same time getting to know other parents.”

Adam and Sandra Stead

Parents of Emilia Stead

Teachers, thank you for looking after our precious Madi and for helping her grow into a confident, independent and inquisitive little girl. We are sad to leave Little Woods as it has been a wonderfully safe and supportive environment for our daughter to begin her preschool years. The teachers and principal greeted Madi every morning with a lovely smile and a hug. I knew that every morning as I walked away, she was in good hands. Thank you Little Woods for everything! We will miss you!

Sarah & Justin Bentley

Parents of Madison Bentley

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